Upcoming Icon Painting Workshops in the USA.

Dear friends,
Βecause of the current situation,  all of us are dealing with uncertainties, so although a registration payment is required, you can register for the summer workshops without any payment for the time being.
As soon as we get the all-clear and  things have stabilized enough, I will contact registrants for payments.
If you are interested in registering, please contact me at:
Theodoros Papadopoulos

Upcoming Icon Painting Workshops in the USA. Los Angeles

Water gilding

This is a two-day gilding workshop. Water gilding is a traditional and highly skilled technique used for the gilding of icons. The gold is burnished with an agate stone which results in gold that shines like a mirror, obtaining a brilliant and very impressive effect.

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Upcoming Icon Painting Workshops in the USA. Los Angeles

Icon painting

Join us on this six-day intensive icon painting course where we will captivate you in the art of the Byzantium painting technique. During the course we'll write (paint) the icon of Virgin Mary.

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Iconography Workshops

You can form a group of students and Theodoros Papadopoulos can come and conduct the classes in your country of residence if you desire.

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