Preperation of the board with gesso.

Preperation of the board with gesso.

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During this workshop students will learn all the stages of the preparation of the board which is done by applying linen then covering with many layers of gesso.
You will learn the traditional technique with chalk and rabit skin glue.
The online workshop is recorded as a video of 45 minutes duration.
This workshop is not scheduled at a specific time and date.
Students will be able to watch the video on their own time, their own schedule and at their own pace.
Because of the workshop format as a pre-recorded video, my explanations will be extremely detailed.
This online class will be taught in a very clear and concrete manner.
Through the pre-recorded video, students will be guided by a highly experienced iconographer.
The course is divided into a number of small individual steps:  I explain each step and then follow up with a detailed demonstration of all the techniques for that step.
Upon registering, each student will have lifetime access to all teaching materials.
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