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Buy the course without materials offered for 250 euros.

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Join us on this online icon painting workshop where we will captivate you in the art of the Byzantium painting technique. Our subject will be the icon of the Virgin Mary with child Jesus, as shown in the accompanying picture.
The online workshop is recorded as a video of approximately 7 hours duration. This workshop is not scheduled at a specific time and date.
Students will be able to watch the video on their own time, their own schedule and at their own pace.
Because of the workshop format as a pre-recorded video, my explanations will be extremely detailed, including many more demonstrations than I normally do in an in-person class.  This online class will be taught in a very clear and concrete manner, enabling even first-time novice students who have never before painted an icon to apply the techniques and create a beautiful finished product.
Through the pre-recorded video, students will be guided by a highly experienced iconographer in the art of Byzantine (Greek) style icon painting using the traditional egg tempera medium (powdered pigments in a binder of egg yolk and vinegar).  The course is divided into a number of small individual steps:  I explain each step and then follow up with a detailed demonstration of all the techniques for that step.  Upon registering, each student will have lifetime access to all teaching materials (online video, pictures of the icon at each step, icon sketch (for tracing onto the wooden board at the beginning of the course), etc.)
 This is a complete course, during which you will learn all the techniques of Byzantine iconography.  You will acquire the necessary technical training and knowledge required to paint a Byzantine icon.
Specifically, students learn how to paint the face of the icon, and the garments.
-- How to make the paints.
-- How to blend the bright tones of the flesh surfaces smoothly with the darker tones, creating a gradual transition from light to dark.
-- How to make lines with the brush
They will also learn the secrets of the traditional technique of egg tempera painting.
This online class includes the following:
-- Downloadable teaching material (approx. 7 hour video, pictures of the icon at each step, icon sketch)
-- Exercises for pre-course practice  (these will make it easier to successfully complete the icon)
-- Unlimited lifetime access to all course materials.
The course also includes:
-- A video about Byzantine iconography which presents the history of this art form, its meaning, symbolism, and the artistic rules involved.
Since some more experienced students may already have the materials needed for the online class, I have set up a 2-tier tuition plan:  one including all materials, and one without.
Students who choose the "full pack" plan will receive the following materials by courier (such as DHL), along with lifetime access to the online part of the class. Please note that shipping is available world-wide.
The course fee of 410 € includes the shipping cost.
-- A wooden board prepared with gesso. The size of the board is 34X25 cm (13.50X10 inches).
-- Powdered pigments
-- Brushes.
-- Icon sketch
-- Printed pictures of all stages of painting the icon.
-- Carbon transfer tracing paper
Other students will receive lifetime access to the online part of the class, but will be expected to have, or be able to obtain locally on their own, some of the materials from the above list, such as board,  pigments and brushes.

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