Icon Painting Workshop         
September 5-10, 2022
Larissa, Greece

Join us on this six-day intensive course where we will captivate you in the art of the Byzantium painting technique. During the course we'll write (paint)  the icon of Christ Pantocrator.
This  “Christ Pantocrator ” icon will come alive before you as the visiting master iconographer and expert instructor, Theodoros Papadopoulos, guides you, step by step, through the ancient techniques of Byzantine Iconography.
Let us journey together, discovering anew, this traditional artistic expression of theology and spirituality, often called the "meeting place of the Divine". Whether you are a beginner or an advanced artist, this workshop offers an opportunity to learn or refine your techniques in this sacred art.
My goal for you is, through this workshop to experience the spiritual world of iconography, help you comprehend the principles, the philosophy as well as the techniques of this art, and broadened your knowledge in iconography.
The course focuses on the art of egg tempera painting. The coursework is divided into individual steps; I explain the techniques and then demonstrates each phase in detail, answering all questions.Through the process of demonstrations the stages as well the whole method of painting an icon will be presented.  The students will then put into practice these skills under my guidance.
The techniques of painting will be taught in a clear and concrete way enabling the students to easily apply these techniques. From the very beginning to the completion of the course, every student will work on his or her icon.
The size of the icon is 34X25 cm.

The schedule.
The schedule of courses runs daily from 9 am until 16:30.
Theodoros Papadopoulos.
Click here to watch a short video about Theodoros Papadopoulos's Icon Painting workshops.
Larissa, Greece.
Click here for Map & Directions.
Course fee: 500. The price includes all materials including boards, pigments, brushes, etc.
Registration is required and course space is limited.
Please register early to guarantee your spot.
No deposit is required to reserve a place in this workshop.
The course fee is due upon arrival on September 5th.
If you are interested in registering, please contact me at:

You can stay at hotel Helena if you wish, which offers a discount to my students.
Single room: €35 per night including breakfast.
Double room: €45 per night including breakfast.
Hotel Helena is located in the center of Larissa, just three minutes walking from my studio.
If you wish to stay at hotel Helena, do not book your room online because you will not get the discount.
Contact me and I will book your room.
For any question about the course, or room reservation, please contact me at:
Theodoros Papadopoulos

How to get to Larissa
It is very easy to get to Larissa from Athens.
There are five trains a day from Athens, and the duration of the trip is 3 hours.
You can also come to Larissa from Thessaloniki, as long as you can find flights to Thessaloniki airport.
There are trains almost  every two hours from Thessaloniki to Larissa and the duration of the trip is just 1:30 hours.
Click here to learn more about the train route & timetables from Athens as well as from Thessaloniki.

One-day excursion to Meteora.
Sunday September 11th, we recommend you to visit the beautiful and unique natural monument of Meteora, where you can see a complex of monasteries builded on vertical high rocks, called  'columns of the sky'.
This amazing a marvel of nature  makes Meteora one of the most spectacular places to visit in Greece.
Meteora is just 1.30 hours away from Larissa by car.
The cost of the excursion depents on the participation and is approximately €50.
This will be a full day excursion with a tour guide and a minibus exclusively booked for the students.
This excursion is optional and is not included in the course fee.
For more information about Meteora click here


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